Beautifully filmed documentary about the town of Island Heights, NJ, home to John Frederick Peto, renowned 19th century trompe l’oeil still-life artist.  Created by Peter Slack, NYC based photographer, and videographer.

The above piece is an excerpt from Peter Slack’s Island Heights documentary. Created by Peter Slack, NYC based photographer, and videographer.

Eileen Olsen Fancher reads her story “Wanamaker’s” from her book Growing Up in Island Heights: a 1930’s Childhood. Footage from July 1938 home movie by former Wanamaker Organ Curator Henry A. Baecker of the John Wanamaker Commercial Institute at Camp Wanamaker in Island Heights, NJ.


This film is about the home and studio museum of New Jersey Trompe L’oeil artist, John Frederick Peto – one of New Jersey’s most eminent artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.
This project was created by Independent film maker and Island Heights resident, John Columbus, featuring the permanent collection, as well as the museum’s Fall 2017 exhibit, “Gasser + Grabach, Masters of the Newark School”.