The museum is proud to celebrate 10 years of exhibitions. Please view below our past exhibitions by year.


A Peto Retrospective: Exploring Provenance and the Stories Behind the Paintings

October, 28 – December 17th, 2023

This exhibit is one of the largest gatherings of Peto paintings since the 1983 exhibition at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., when 64 paintings were on display.

Water, Water Everywhere

July, 15 – October 8th, 2023

Featuring Jim Inzero, Water, Water, Everywhere explores how 20th-century and contemporary artists portray water through ceramic, textile, and painting. 

The Many Faces At Peto

April, 22 – June 25, 2023

An exhibition of storied and historic portraiture featuring contemporary artists and the legacy of John F. Peto.


Craft as Art

Oct, 8 – December 18, 2022

An exploration of traditional and multicultural craft techniques which transcend to unconventional art forms.

Gary T. Erbe Paintings & Constructions

July, 2 – September 18, 2022

Gary T. Erbe explores the idiom of abstraction and cubism and how these modern principles can be integrated into Trompe l’oeil. 

Preserving Creative Spaces: Photographs of Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios

April, 2 – June 15, 2022

An exhibition organized by Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios, A Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


Thomas Eakins in New Jersey

May 1 through June 27

While mostly known as a Philadelphia painter, Thomas Eakins spent important time in New Jersey using his brush and camera to present activities he enjoyed in the marshlands, as well as the work of the shad fishermen in Gloucester County in southern New Jersey. This exhibition for the first time presents the New Jersey aspect of Eakins’ work.

Selections From the Collections

Saturday, July 24 – Sunday, September 12, 2021

The 10th anniversary of exhibitions at the John F. Peto Studio Museum will be commemorated this summer with a special exhibit entitled “Selections from the Collections.”


The Women of Peto

February 29 -September 6, 2020

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the Peto Museum of Island Heights highlighted the contributions…

Rediscovering the Hidden Meanings in Peto’s Art and Photography

February 9 – May 12, 2019

The John F. Peto Studio Museum is pleased to present Rediscovering the Hidden Meanings in Peto’s


Landscapes of New Jersey: Past, Present and Future

May 18 -September 1, 2019

Last fall, Roy Pedersen of Pedersen Gallery, Lambertville, New Jersey, approached the John F. Peto…

Trompe l’oeil Meets Photo Realism

September 21 – December 15, 2019

The John F. Peto Studio Museum is pleased to present Trompe l’oeil Meets Photorealism from September 21…


Joseph A. Eichinger, Retrospect: Teacher, Artist, Mentor, Craftsman and Friend

March – April, 2018

Island Heights resident, Joseph August Eichinger, was integral to the growth of the John F. Peto Studio Museum…

Unpacking the Future: Important Works by Franz Jozef Ponstingl

May 12 – September 9, 2018

This show encompasses paintings and assorted sketches by artist, Franz Jozef Ponstingl, a surrealist…

Gary Erbe: 50th Anniversary Retrospective

September 22-December 16, 2018

The John F. Peto Studio Museum is proud to present, 24 paintings from Tromp l’oeil artist, Gary Erbe…


John R. Grabach and Henry M. Gasser: Masters of the Newark School
(May 13-August 27, 2017)

Tri-State Invitational Exhibition of Trompe L’oeil
(September 16-December 20, 2017)


2016 Peto Biennial: International Juried Art Exhibition of Contemporary Still Life and Trompe L’Oeil
(May 14-September 4, 2016)

Through the Lens: John Frederick Peto and the Art of Photography
(October 8-December 11, 2016)


Is it Real? Contemporary Sculpture that Tricks the Eye
(May 9-September 6, 2015)

John Frederick Peto: Discovering Hidden Meanings
(September 25-December 13, 2015)


Carl Buergerniss (1877-1956): A Leading South Jersey Impressionist
(May 31-September 7, 2014)

National Juried Trompe L’oeil Exhibition
(September 27-December 31, 2014)


Island Heights & Beyond: The Artists’ Colony
(May 18-August 25, 2013)

National Juried Tromp L’oeil Exhibition
(September 28-December 31, 2013)


Art of the Sail: Marine Paintings & Artifacts from the Bay & Beyond
(May 19-July 8, 2012)

John Frederick Peto: The Man, the Artist, the Legacy
(September 8-November 18, 2012)


Peto & His Friends: A Legacy of Friendship Reunited – James Moore Bryant, Fred Wagner, F. Hutton Shill
(October 21-November 26, 2011)