Since the beginning, Island Heights and the surrounding areas within the Jersey Shore have been a haven to creatives and artists alike. John F. Peto was only one of the many artists to find inspiration in Island Heights, and to make it their home.

Painting Pictured, John English Shamrock

In 2013, The John F. Peto Studio exhibited a show called, “Island Heights & Beyond: The Artist’s Colony”. This exhibit showcased the many artists that have been inspired by Island Heights. View our booklet from the show above.


EARLY YEARS  |  1880’s – 1950’s

John F. Peto and other artists came at the turn of the last century to fish, hunt, sail and paint. Many were from the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Fine renderings and impressionist landscapes are among the styles of paintings during this period.


Franklin Dulles Briscoe

James Moore Bryant Island Heights

Carl Buergerniss Island Heights

Bessie Pease Gutmann Island Heights

Gerard R. Hardenburg Bay Head

William McDougal Island Heights

Emily Perkins Island Heights

C.S. Street Toms River

William Frazee Strunz Toms River

Fred Wagner Island Heights

Annie Woolcott Toms River


MIDDLE YEARS  |  1960’s – 1990’s

During this time period, the area was seeing more full-time residents. A group of local women, led by Edna Feerick in 1957, created the Ocean County Artist’s Guild to share their love of art and have a place to create it. This portion of the exhibit showcases many originals from that time, including primitive paintings of local landmarks, some now gone.


Jane R. Crow Island Heights 

John English Island Heights

Edna Feerick Island Heights 

Ethel Fishberg Island Heights 

Jack Shannon Island Heights

Orm Simpson Island Heights 

Jano Taber Island Heights

Warren Thomas Pine Beach

Robert Toth Island Heights


NEW MILLENIUM  |  2000’s – Present

Modern-day artists’ currently living in and around Island Heights and the Jersey Shore


Eliza Drake Auth Ocean Gate

John Bendel Island Heights

Anne Hruza Point Pleasant 

Frank Parisi Island Heights

Virginia Perle Toms River

Jesse Pomeroy Island Heights 

Karen Pomeroy Island Heights

Ellie Rogalski Island Heights

Ludlow Thorston Island Heights

Jean Carruthers Wetta Island Heights

Roddy Wildeman Belmar