We here at the John F. Peto Studio Museum have been reflecting on what this year has brought. We are very fortunate to have successfully gained ownership of the beautiful Museum building and grounds, fulfilling a dream we have had for many years.  

Nevertheless, 2020 has been as hard for us as it has been for many of you.  While we were fortunate to have had a successful Peto Cup fundraiser in August, the fact remains that we lost revenue this year due to closure and event cancellations caused by the pandemic. Simply stated, we are in need of your support now more than ever.
Your generous support will enable us to:
Preserve the historic home and priceless collection we steward

Continue art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, children’s art lessons, and other activities benefiting the community

Cover operational expenses we will face as new owners of the beautiful building and grounds
Support from individuals like you are the backbone of the museum. We are offering a special donation amount of $20.10 to commemorate the year the museum was founded. 

We also urge you to join us as a member or to make a donation in any amount you are comfortable making. We thank you for making your tax-free donation today.

If you are unable to contribute this year, we still look forward to seeing you at the Museum sometime soon.