The John F. Peto Studio Museum stands on the threshold of a momentous opportunity.  Our benefactor, who owns the Museum building at 102 Cedar Avenue, Island Heights, has generously offered to donate the building and grounds to us.  He has imposed one condition: we must raise $300,000, to be set aside in a designated endowment fund, to be used for the sole purpose of preserving the building’s interior and exterior in its present outstanding condition.

We MUST raise this $300,000.  If we fail, the building will be given to another non-profit, and the Peto Museum will be forced to close its doors forever.

With that in mind, we extend to you the singular opportunity of Room Naming, starting at the $25,000 giving level.  The offer includes the entire gallery space ($100,000); individual exhibition rooms ($25,000 and $50,000); and the very studio in which John F. Peto created the artistic masterpieces found in museums worldwide ($75,000).

Museum rooms and space naming will follow in the tradition of other art institutions.  The names of those who donate to the Museum for room-naming will be permanently displayed on a plaque in the entrance lobby of the Museum, and at the entrance to the dedicated room.  It is, we believe, the most fitting way of acknowledging great generosity and honoring beloved family members.

We recognize that not everyone is able to contribute at the room-naming level, and we welcome your generosity at whatever level you are able to provide.  We appreciate and need all donations, no matter the size.  All donations over $2,500 will be displayed on the plaque at the entrance to the Museum.

Please contact the museum at 732.929.4949 or email us at to receive more information.

The Peto Museum is a vibrant hub of artistic and community activity.  This is a unique opportunity to permanently save a rare treasure.  Peto’s studio is one of only a handful of renowned artists’ studios nationwide, along with Georgia O’Keeffe, Jasper Johns, Andrew Wyeth, and Winslow Homer.  Do not let it slip away.  Remember – we will only call upon you to fulfill your pledge in 2019 once we have secured commitments for the entire $300,000. 

We rise or fall together.