Letter to the Editor from Freeholder Vicari

Letter to the Editor from Freeholder Vicari

July 4, 2011

Recently I had the privilege to serve as honorary chairman for the opening of the John F. Peto Museum in Island Heights. Located at 102 Cedar Avenue, the restored home of the renowned American still-life painter is not only a tribute to Peto, but is a new cultural center in Ocean County.

Visitors will find the home restored to its original 19th century glory. Guests will visit Peto’s personal studio, where he worked from 1890 to 1907, and marvel at the century-old artifacts and furnishings that actually adorned the home when the artist lived there.It was a real pleasure to meet Joanne Moy and the members of the board of trustees along with other volunteers who have brought the Peto home and studio back to life. I thank them all for their important contribution in preserving the county’s rich history.  I also want to thank Tim Hart and the Ocean County Cultural and Heritage Commission for their efforts to preserve this historical structure. In 2009 the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders honored the project with an Ocean County Preservation Award for the most ambitious private restoration of a private home in the county’s history.I encourage everyone to visit the Peto museum and enjoy both the history inside, and the beautiful riverfront outside that has inspired artists, and will continued to inspire for generations to come.
Joseph H. Vicari
Freeholder Director