2017 Tri-State Invitational of Trompe L’oeil



2017 Tri-State Invitational of Trompe L’oeil

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Welcome to the second invitational Trompe l’ Oeil exhibition at the John F. Peto Studio Museum. The first invitational consisted of artists who work in 3-dimensional form and from around the United States.This exhibition features 19 artists living in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and over 50 pieces of art. Artists were invited to participate, either from previous exhibitions held at the Peto Studio Museum, word of mouth, or artists found from other art venues. Trompe l’ Oeil is a genre of still-life painting which “tricks the eye” by creating the illusion that the subject of the painting is real. Common place objects are painted with meticulous precision to create this deceptive realism. In addition to other painting techniques, Trompe l’ Oeil artists also make use of shadows to suggest depth as well as scale and size of objects.This exhibition includes noted Trompe l ’Oeil painters as well as young and upcoming artists; artists who challenge and inspire the viewer, artists who have a sense of humor, who use nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek references.

For visiting and ticket Information: (732) 929-4949 or petomuseum.org.